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Mindfulness: What is it and how it can help you

Mindfulness is another complementary element that I have integrated into my approach.  By mindfulness, I am referring to the active process of noticing and attending to one’s experience, suspending critique and judgment, and learning to relax into the moment. I have completed the 8-week Penn Program for Mindfulness-Based Stress Management and learned about the application of various mindfulness strategies to daily life and well-being. 

Adding mindfulness and relaxation into your daily routine can have immensely positive effects on your well-being.  Below are some books, apps, and websites to explore if you are interested in trying out mindfulness.

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center This website includes links to free guided relaxation and meditation

Headspace App This free phone app has guided relaxation, meditation, and many how-to guides.

Full Catastrophe Living Book by John Kabat-Zinn about using mindfulness to manage stress.