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Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Becoming and being a therapist isn’t easy! There is so much to track and manage: our own feelings and reactions, the needs and emotions of our clients, along with all the external factors that influence us. But, like almost everything else in life, we can increase our capacity and skill

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Order of Operations: Getting It Right With Your Loved One

I have been using the phrase ‘order of operations’ lately with the couples and relationships I treat.  If you recall, order of operations refers to a set of rules regarding which math procedure to apply to a math problem and in what order to complete each procedure.  You may not

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The Best (and Worst) Times to Address Anxiety

We are collectively experiencing unprecedented levels of stress as a society. A pandemic, social unrest, political strain, economic pressures. It has been relentless for nearly 8 months and most of my clients are longing for relief. To arrive at much-needed relief, we must understand what is happening to us when

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When We Hurt Others

Taking responsibility for harm we have caused others is essential to living an authentic life. We’ve all been there: a dispute between yourself and a grade school classmate. Next, the teacher intervenes, forces you both to “say you are sorry” and sometimes with the added “and say it like you mean

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