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Why Babies Are Boring (at least some of the time)

There is a well known secret whispered among new parents. I sometimes hear it from clients, at times from friends and it’s typically shared in a tentative, uncertain whisper: “I love him, he’s precious…but sometimes it’s kind of boring…” I usually detect a hint of shame in the confession, along

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Confusion: An underappreciated phenomenon

Confusion is confusing. How do we make sense of the experience of confusion? Do we treat it like a feeling, a phenomenon that begins in the body? Or should we approach it from a more intellectual place, using logic and rationality to break it down? Even this attempt to explore

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The Couple Dynamic: What’s Your Role?

As a couples therapist, my first goal in working with couples is to begin to make sense of what is happening between you. Until we all understand what is happening, we cannot begin to determine the deeper underlying causes. From an Emotionally Focused perspective, it is useful to understand the

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Couples Therapy: Shifting from Blame to Compassion

The research on couples therapy and relationships is crystal clear: for successful repair and resolution, each partner must take responsibility for their contribution and role in the dynamic. Taking responsibility reflects a shift from blame to compassion. The shift must occur not only in the context of taking responsibility for

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