I will work with you and your family members to identify both your individual needs and your needs in the relationships. Part of our work will encompass identifying conflict areas and figuring out ways to help each family member feel heard and understood.

Therapy with Children and Teens

Some common issues that I have treated in my work with adolescents and children include conflicts with family and peers, academic struggles, trauma, depression and anxiety.

When teenagers and children come to therapy, parents/caregivers want to be involved, get information about how their child is doing, and learn what they can do to help. I typically include parents/caregivers in the first several sessions and make an explicit agreement about how therapy will proceed if and when I meet with their child one-on-one.

At times, collaboration or consultation with school administrators, teachers or other professionals working with an adolescent or child can be necessary or helpful. I have experience working with professionals from schools, hospitals, and other settings, in order to facilitate the most effective treatment possible.

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