Why Pursue Couples Therapy?

A healthy relationship, in which each partner feels loved, understood and supported, is intimately tied to one’s overall life satisfaction. The converse is true as well: an unhappy relationship can impact all areas of one’s life. It adds stress, anger, sadness and distractions. Deciding  to see a couples therapist is a step towards improving your relationship and your life.

Couples I have worked with have healed from strain and disconnection. They have increased insight into their relationship problems in order to alter patterns and regain closeness. Some of the reasons couples seek treatment include:

  • loss of intimacy (sexual and emotional)
  • communication problems
  • infidelity
  • financial disagreements
  • illness
  • decision making styles
  • parenting approaches
  • traumatic betrayals
  • relationship strains due to infertility or family building

My Approach

Couples therapy incorporates an intimate look at the dynamics both in the relationship and with others in the couple’s life.  Most couples can recall a much happier time and are sometimes confused as to how they are in the midst of anger, sadness and disconnection.

In addition to my graduate school focus on treatment with Couples & Families                 I have completed advanced training, including Core Skills and Externship, in        Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples.  EFT is a powerful, empirically-supported modality which considers the impact of one’s family of origin in the unfolding of relationship difficulties. That new awareness is leveraged to shift out of unhealthy patterns and recreate new, healthy interaction cycles.  Learn more about EFT here: Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) with Couples

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