My experience covers a breadth of areas; the common thread is how I will approach my work with you. I encourage collaboration. I listen deeply and carefully to what clients express as their needs and goals. This type of listening is essential to examining challenges, alleviating suffering, and bringing about desired change. The confidential nature of the therapist-client relationship allows for genuine exploration.

I place a particular emphasis on understanding my clients’ relationships. Difficulties in relationships – with romantic partners, family, friends, colleagues– adds strain and struggle in one’s life and is often intertwined with other areas of pain and sadness. Increased closeness and authenticity in one’s relationships can permeate other areas of one’s life and lift many distressing symptoms.

Theories that Guide my Approach

I find three theories complementary and impactful when working to understand and connect with my clients: Object Relations Theory, Systems Theory, and Humanistic approaches. In line with Object Relations Theory, I take into account the ways in which early relationships impact one now. I also draw on Systems Theory to understand the ways that one’s relationships influence behavior and impact one’s ability to change. It also helps me consider how the multiple life contexts such as, for example, one’s community, ethnicity and religion, may influence one’s worldview. A Humanistic approach guides my belief that people naturally move towards growth and have strengths that should be recognized and activated.

Mindfulness is another complementary element that I have integrated into my approach.  By mindfulness, I am referring to the active process of noticing and attending to one’s experience, suspending critique and judgment, and learning to relax into the moment. I have completed the 8-week Penn Program for Mindfulness-Based Stress Management and learned about the application of various mindfulness strategies to daily life and well-being.

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