I perform psychological evaluations for immigration purposes, diagnoses for school or work, third-party reproduction, and other therapeutic goals. Each evaluation is customized based on your particular questions or needs.  I will work closely with your attorney, doctor, or family members when collaboration is needed.

Evaluations Offered

  • Evaluations for Immigration Purposes
    • Asylum
    • VAWA
    • Hardship
    • Cancellation of Removal
    • U-Visa
    • N-648 Waivers
  • Third-Party Reproduction
    • Ovum donor psychological screenings
    • Donor Recipient psycho-educational consultations
    • Gestational Carrier psychological evaluations
  • Evaluations for Work, School, and Diagnosis
    • Personality Assessment
    • Learning disabilities & learning style
    • Intellectual abilities
    • Mental health diagnosis

The Evaluation Process

Please be in touch if you would like to learn more or would like to set up an evaluation.  Once we speak about your evaluation needs, we can schedule a time to meet. Evaluations typically consist of a clinical interview, along with some combination of relevant tests or assessment measures.  A written report is typically completed within two weeks following completion of the evaluation.

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