Bereavement Group

January 09, 2016 − by Dr. Keren − in Event − Comments Off on Bereavement Group

The pain, confusion, sadness, anger, and loneliness that may accompany the death of a loved one can feel overwhelming and interminable at times. This group offers adults who have lost someone they love a safe space to connect with others, to get support in exploring the grief process and to make meaning of their loss.  The group will incorporate aspects of mindfulness and practical coping strategies.

The group will run for 10 weeks, starting at the end of March/Early April. Group size will be limited to 6-7 participants to provide a safe and intimate environment that can accommodate all members’ needs.  Exact da y and time of the group is to be determined based on the needs of participants.  Cost of the group is $60/session, with possibility of a reduced fee based on household income.

How to Join:
Get in touch to schedule a pre-group interview to see if this group will meet your needs.

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